Tips To Design Better Mobile App Usability

Tips To Design Better Mobile App Usability by techugo , Business Head, Techugo Pvt Ltd.  Available from <> [July 19, 2017]

This app is nothing, but a heap of trash, do not download it…this review made me reach to cross the download process, and I thought myself great, since I was saved from a wrong app. I feel we all fall into such situation now and then, when we cancels the download, because it has the worst reviews about its usability, since we all want a perfect app, which fulfills our scale of expectation and requirement basket. Is it too much to ask for? I think no, because mobile apps are developed for a reason, and that reason only revolves around our convenience, and if we are not going to get it, then what purpose the mobile app is created for?….this is a perspective of users, who only look for the convenience and availability of different services at their mere click, but they find it disturbing if the mobile app is a burden than being a source of usability for them.

From a developer’s perspective, I know they invest their passion, innovation and creativity in developing the mobile app and they add every possible ingredient into the mobile app to make it successful and highly usable for the users, yet something goes missing somewhere, which destroys the final output completely. To know which technology to add at what stage, is the specialty of app developers, and I am no one to preach you about the technical expertise here, rather I have brought some of the major methodologies required for designing a usable mobile app. Willing to know more…just read further…

What Is Mobile App Usability?

As the word usability suggests, it is all about making the mobile app usable enough for the users, so they can easily access the services offered by the mobile app platform. If your user faces the technical hiccups while accessing your mobile app, then no matter how well-defined the other app screens or functionalities are designed, they would declare your mobile app a failure and would escape themselves from using it any further. So the mobile app usability hugely influences your app success and brand recognition.

  • Sign-in Process

When you download an app, the log-in process is something which needs to be taken into consideration, since it involves certain personal details to be mentioned, but in certain applications the log-in process is imbibed with a rigid process, which asks for email id or mobile number, and many users are not comfortable in sharing these details and as a result abandon the mobile app before even utilizing its features further, so ensure that your mobile app does not have a rigid log-in process, but gives the users an option to log-in with their social networking profile as well.

  • Mobile Screen Resolution

The mobile market is flooded with the endless options and users love to use the variety of mobile phones for their personal use and they expect your mobile app to run efficiently on their respective mobile phones. I know it is the toughest job to make the app run smoothly on different mobile screen resolutions, but unless it does, your users can never feel happy about your mobile app, so the best way to achieve it by testing your mobile app on a wider range of mobile screens and browsers, like Safari, Android, Chrome, Firefox, Silk to name a few and it would help you to get a better usability for your mobile app.

  • Easy To Understand

Many app designers, integrate their creativity in the mobile app and try to bring something different from the usual, but in this effort, they sometimes create a little tricky and hard to understand app interface, which confuses the users further, and they fail to access the real essence of the mobile app. So try to keep your app interface as easy as possible, because your users are new to your app platform, and use your mobile apps to reduce their inconvenience, but the complex app interface would increase their inconvenience further, leading to app uninstall in many cases.

  • Don’t Avoid ThemYour users are your medium to get the success to knock on your door. They all come with different problems but with one expectation to get the convenience at their fingertips after accessing your mobile app, but there can be various chances, where your users would find it a little inconvenient to access certain features and find some issues, so it is your duty to hear their concerns, and give them a voice by replying and fixing the issues, it might be little time-consuming and needs some extra efforts to be paid, but you need to go over and above the call of duty to create a healthy relationship with your users. Do not avoid their concerns; else it would create a rage amongst your existing and potential users, considering you lax towards providing the remarkable services.

No matter how good your app concept is and how well-defined app functionalities your mobile app has, but if it fails to give a healthy usability factor to your users, your users would opt for other options in no time. So you must indulge in giving an extremely usable mobile app to your users and must get your mobile app developed by a top mobile app development company, regardless of your Android app development or iOS app development requirements, your mobile app development company must pay attention to mobile app usability to the most.

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Tips To Design Better Mobile App Usability by techugo , Business Head, Techugo Pvt Ltd.  Available from <> [July 19, 2017]