3 Ways to Send Marketing Emails That Get Results

3 Ways to Send Marketing Emails That Get Results by Amanda Clark.  Available from <http://www.business2community.com/email-marketing/3-ways-send-marketing-emails-get-results-01886627#oY0GMsOxm3hLZPpx.99> [July 24, 2017]

Business owners don’t send marketing emails into the void. They send emails to their customers and leads, hoping something good will come of it—hoping they can boost brand loyalty, drive traffic to their website, or perhaps even close a sale. These laudable goals can only be achieved through quality emails, though—and unfortunately, in many businesses, email construction is something of an afterthought.

It doesn’t have to be that way, and it’s not difficult at all to put together emails that are thoughtful, appealing, and loaded with value. We’ll show you some basic strategies you can implement today to help you develop emails that get bottom-line results.

Make Sure Your Emails Look Good on Mobile Devices

It’s simple reality: Most email recipients are going to be looking at things on a smart phone, and as such it’s critical that your emails can easily be read from the smallest of devices. If your emails require a lot of zooming or scrolling, or if the buttons within them cannot be easily clicked on, recipients will become frustrated and just stop opening your emails altogether.

Some specific tips:

  • If possible, use a program like Constant Contact or Mail Chimp, both of which will provide you with mobile-friendly templates you can draw on.
  • If you don’t use a pre-existing template, do ensure that your font is size 14 or higher; anything smaller can prove difficult to read.
  • Make buttons that are easy to tap. Simply using text links doesn’t always work well with all email platforms. Real buttons are better.

Write Subject Lines That Snag Attention, but Resist Clickbait

Your email subject line is your one chance to make a favorable first impression on recipients, prompting them to open the message and see what’s inside. As such, it’s critical to avoid spammy clickbait titles (which often backfire) and instead convey real value.

Some tips:

  • Avoid “You won’t believe this,” or similarly over-the-top turns of phrase.
  • Also avoid using CAPS, which just makes it seem like you’re YELLING.
  • Be relevant and truthful; your subject line should accurately reflect the contents of the message. No bait and switch!
  • Use numbers whenever you can—5 reasons, 10 tips, etc. The human brain connects with numbers, and they can make your email feel more valuable.
  • Try phrasing your subject line as a question, which is often a good way to pique interest.

Deliver Value in Every Email

Finally, always ask yourself: What’s in it for my reader? Each email should convey something actionable and valuable—and if it doesn’t, you shouldn’t send it. The bottom line: You want people to associate your company’s emails with something truly empowering, enriching, or simply entertaining.

As such, your emails should always contain at least one of the following:

  • A meaningful offer or discount.
  • Education about your industry or niche.
  • Delight—something that helps your recipients to feel like they’ve discovered a solution to a problem.

3 Ways to Send Marketing Emails That Get Results by Amanda Clark.  Available from <http://www.business2community.com/email-marketing/3-ways-send-marketing-emails-get-results-01886627#oY0GMsOxm3hLZPpx.99> [July 24, 2017]