Keeping Safe in Cyberspace

Keeping Safe in Cyberspace by Tim Helming, director of product management at DomainTools.  Available from <> [December 20, 2017] Photo:  Article Source

The number of internet users in the world has skyrocketed over the last ten years. Today almost every person on the planet is using the internet in some way, whether for communication, shopping or online banking, and its popularity will without a doubt continue to rise. The internet has essentially become completely ingrained in people’s lives because of the huge benefits it offers.

However, one of the biggest downsides to the internet is that it has driven an enormous increase in crime. Historically cyberattacks were a rare occurrence but today, cybercrime is the number one threat consumers face. Hackers understand that with the internet being used so widely, there is a wealth of data available online which can be harvested for financial gain.

This means internet users must be forewarned about the dangers lurking online, and understand how to avoid becoming a victim to one of today’s crafty cyberattacks.

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10 Tips to Improve Mobile App Conversion

10 Tips to Improve Mobile App Conversion by Vlad Pshenychka.  Available from <> [December 25, 2017] Photo Credit: Article Source

Nowadays it is impossible to imagine a good business without a website or even an application for different mobile services.

However, lots of the entrepreneurs still ignore the great potential of the usage of various techniques of the creation of an application for the mobile devices, what later may lead for the reduction of the number of customers and visitors. For example, in the 21st-century mobiles already overtake the laptop industry, while being sometimes much more powerful, than modern computers.

As a result, we may say, that the usage of smartphones is much more frequent nowadays than the usage of common computers. Due to this, we can not underestimate the real potential of the usage of these applications and those highly beneficial features, which they have inside them.

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3 Simple Tips to Improve Your Website Page Load Speed

3 Simple Tips to Improve Your Website Page Load Speed by Tim Asimos.  Available from <> [ December 21, 2017]

Having a rapidly loading website is an increasingly crucial factor of both user experience (UX) and search engine optimization (SEO).

Today’s user expect a website to load quickly, and those that don’t will likely experience negative consequences as a result. The Aberdeen Group conducted research that found a one-second delay in page load time yields 11% fewer page views, a 16% decrease in customer satisfaction and an 7% loss in conversions. Google has also indicated that site load speed is one of the signals used by its algorithm to rank pages.

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10 Tips for Organizing Your Inbox

10 Tips for Organizing Your Inbox by David Wither.  Available from <> [November 30, 2017]

We’ve all been there. Suddenly, you find yourself signing into your email, staring at your inbox, and seeing the staggering amount of unread messages you’ve got. Whether this staggering amount is in the tens, hundreds, or thousands, something has to be done about this disorganized mess you find yourself in. It’s too much, it’s too many.

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How to tell if your VPN is trustworthy

How to tell if your VPN is trustworthy by Shruti Gupta.  Available from <> [30th November 2017 ]

Worried about your online security? You should be. 2017’s shaping up to be the worst year in history when it comes to data breaches. From the Wanna Cry ransomware attack in May to the Equifax hack last month to ride-sharing app Uber’s recent privacy fiasco, there’s never been a better time to use a VPN.

However, with new VPN providers cropping up every day, choosing the right service can be tricky. While most VPNs pride themselves on being anonymous, some are anything but. At best, these fly-by-night VPN companies provide a mediocre browsing experience; at worst, they record and sell your data.

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