10 Tips to Improve Mobile App Conversion

10 Tips to Improve Mobile App Conversion by Vlad Pshenychka.  Available from <http://theinscribermag.com/10-tips-to-improve-mobile-app-conversion/> [December 25, 2017] Photo Credit: Article Source

Nowadays it is impossible to imagine a good business without a website or even an application for different mobile services.

However, lots of the entrepreneurs still ignore the great potential of the usage of various techniques of the creation of an application for the mobile devices, what later may lead for the reduction of the number of customers and visitors. For example, in the 21st-century mobiles already overtake the laptop industry, while being sometimes much more powerful, than modern computers.

As a result, we may say, that the usage of smartphones is much more frequent nowadays than the usage of common computers. Due to this, we can not underestimate the real potential of the usage of these applications and those highly beneficial features, which they have inside them.

Because of the fact, that sometimes people tend to think, that innovations are not the best business making tools, I am willing to describe you something in that article.

As you may know, in the world of cyber business there is such a term as user engagement. It means an opportunity of a developer or an owner of that particular business to turn common visitors of the websites to real customers or even faithful users.

So, what if I say, that one of the most effective ways of the development of that user engagement is the creation of an application for the development of your business.

However, there is also another side of the coin. It is not enough to have just an app. That particular application has to have good conversion rate, what will later allow you to attract much more people and promote and boost your response on a directly new level.

Thus, in that article, you will see top 10 techniques, which will allow you to improve an app conversion rate.

1. The Importance of Testing

One of the most prominent features of the development of the app conversion is the arrangement of the testing processes all the time. You may ask, why it is so vital? The answer is really simple. In order to create a good application there should not be any mistakes and bugs.

So, due to this, it might be possible to implement any designing and technological innovations into an application. Besides, thanks to the creation of a properly organised and working extension we makes the whole process of surfing within it much more convenient for a user, what definitely play a pretty important role.

2. First Impression and Design

In any situation, when you are dealing with any cyber products, one of the most elements is the look of the design and the interface of an application. Nowadays, people, who are using IT technologies and especially the Internet are aimed on the usage of simple and clear functions, buttons and parameters.

All of these demands may be fulfilled with the creation of a proper UX design. What is actually UX? Frankly, UX means a design, which is able to be used intuitively with no obstacles and problems of the users. So, it is really vital for a developer to have a good UX designer in his team, what later may not let you regret about your decisions.

3. Encouraging the Users

In the 21st century people will not do anything with no encouragement. That is why, in order to attract people’s attention to your application it is really vital to arrange various advertising campaigns and special offers. Usually people, who are actually animals, tend to base the relations in the societies, while basing them on deals.

It is properly seen in the whole system of world currencies. So, the same situation os with the creation of an application. Your potential users have to see, that there are several things, which you may be able to offer instead of their attention and purchases, which will bring your company more revenues and popularity.
4. Is It Important to Follow the Trends?

One of the main aspects, which tend to play the most important role in the development of your application and especially in the improvement of its level of conversion is an opportunity of a developer to follow the trend and monitor all the news from the technological field in order to keep up with all the innovations.

I am talking so seriously now because of the fact, that people, the users, always like something revolutionary new and absolutely unknown, die to this, it is highly vital to be able to present these audience something creative from time to time, what will give you an opportunity to impress them and hold in a right way.

5. Defining an Audience

The functionality of an application or a website and its opportunity make real customers from common visitors usually depend on a major audience. That major audience has to be properly defined by the main developer, who is actually arranging all of the needed operations focused on the attraction of people.

Furthermore, while basing on the major community of the users, you may say, that all of the advertising strategies and even goods depends on their statement and their Willig’s. So, if you want to keep your app in a proper shape, it is really important to be able to define a right audience.

6. Use Both Platforms

The usage of two most popular platforms for the development of an application may help you to attract the much bigger audience. Lost of the programmers are interested in how to port ios to android or vise-versa just in order to be able to occupy bigger fields of business. Thus, in case if you recognize the same techniques, you may increase your app conversion really rapidly.

7. Make an App Useful

One of the main priorities for the development of a good application with a good conversion rate is the creation of useful extension. In order to make the whole project really nice, one of the main things, which you have to do is to implement all of those features, which in the future may really help the user, not annoy or bore him. That is why the usage of push-notifications becomes more and more popular for a year to a year.

8. Personalisation

For a better understanding of the inside and background structure of an app you are arranging, one of the most important things, that you have to do is to allow the users to personalize it. In other words, make them feel free to alter the main pieces of the interface in a manner they want, what will not affect the core functionality of an application. In case if people are able to arrange their working place in a way they want, it means, that they might have a desire to come back more and more frequently.

9. Simplicity of the Registration

Do you remember these giants forms, which you were obliged to fill in before the registration on a website? It was awful, wasn’t it? However, nowadays with the development of Google and Facebook, the registration is not a problem at all. Remember, in order to make the lives of the app users much more comfortable and convenient, remember to implement a fast registration machine into an app.

10. Avoid Annoying Ads

I believe, that you know, how annoying can be all those advertising extensions, which you can see in various applications. However, in good ones, all the ads have to be located in the places, where a user can see them but will not be irritated with their presence. So, keep in mind, that for a successful usage and promotion of an app, it is a great mistake to put banners, which equals the screen size.


Finally, the improvement of app conversion is not an easy task at all. In that job it is a really important work with the details in a really precise manner and be as accurate as only possible, that is why one of the main qualities of any person involved in that field is vigilance and an opportunity to keep balance.

10 Tips to Improve Mobile App Conversion by Vlad Pshenychka.  Available from <http://theinscribermag.com/10-tips-to-improve-mobile-app-conversion/> [December 25, 2017] Photo Credit: Article Source