10 Tips to Consider while Promoting your Startup business

10 Tips to Consider while Promoting your Startup business by Helen Cartwright.  Available from <https://www.martechadvisor.com/articles/performance-attribution/10-tips-to-consider-while-promoting-your-startup-business/> [July 31, 2017]

Helen Cartwright provides the tips to promote a Startup Business in the online world. The setting up of a Website to Promoting it, the article covers the guidelines on how to build an online presence for business websites’

The startup scene is filled with entrepreneurs who want to make it, and even try to succeed, but find it difficult to get their businesses flowing. A top reason behind this is business people have no idea on how to do marketing. In fact, most of them use the old methods like banners instead of coming up with creative ways of sharing their vision with the world.

One of the useful approaches you should use is the internet. Most business owners consider the internet to be a mysterious abyss that is new, unknown, and less satisfying when compared to a sale that is closed in person. However, one benefit of using the internet is that it will get clients on your doorstep both in person and also through the web. The use of online marketing creates trust with your visitors, and for that reason, you need to consider this option critically, especially if you are running a startup business. Next is a look at tips for promoting a startup business online.

Capitalize in Getting a Solid Website

If you want to have a strong marketing plan, it is advisable to get a solid site. It should have pages that are filled with information for your target audience. The best site is mobile friendly, functional, and aesthetically pleasing.

Never Neglect Your Website

Long gone are the days where people created websites for the sake of owning them. Now, you should ensure that the site works for you. The content used should be optimized as this will aid in your site showing up on the top pages of search engine searches. Install a solid contact page that you can use to interact with potential customers whenever they have inquiries. Link the site with your social media accounts to connect with numerous prospective clients also.

Get the Attention of Search Engines

When writing the content for your website, the two key audiences you should keep in mind are the search engines and your clients. Almost 90 percent of all online searches start with the search engine, and that is reason enough to invest in SEO.

Never Start Marketing Without an Integrated Plan

The marketing efforts used needs to be strategic, and that means coordinating your online and offline promotional tactics. Draft a plan that is flexible, such that it bends with your trends and is inclusive enough to pass your brand message clearly.

Invest In the Mobile Marketing

An online presence that is not mobile friendly will limit the number of clients that will learn about your business. Note that mobile devices are not going anywhere; in fact, they are the future. Thus, in case you have a website that lacks such a feature, it is a high time you changed that by contacting website design companies to help in creating a mobile-friendly platform.

Stop Trying to Reach Everyone

Some entrepreneurs think just because they have an online presence they should reach everyone. However, this is not the case and definitely not an effective way of doing your marketing. Instead, as a business owner, you should target your communication, which will lead to a better return on your investment. To learn about where you should put your target market efforts, ask yourself who your clients are? What information do they need? Where can they be found- online or offline? How best can you reach them? The response will help you get to potential clients.

Outsource Your Online Marketing Efforts

Running a business is not easy; in fact, it consumes a lot of your time and energy. That is the reason that the internet has many blogs and sites that were started by businesses and have now been abandoned. You might think you will be able to keep up; in most cases, this does not happen, and this is the reason you should work with the local experts. These professionals will help ensure that your online presence does not die out.

Pick the Right Name

Finding the appropriate name for your business is essential. The name you give should be relevant and unique. It is best to research if there is any other business using that name. Since it is an identity, you will want people to identify with you when they come across your brand, and at the same time, it should reflect what you are doing.

Avoid Heavy Designs

When you put heavy and busy designs, they will cram with the links. Such website makes it difficult for clients to focus when trying to get the content needed as they compromise visitor engagement. Watch out for graphics that load slowly also. They not only slow the site but also detract instead of improving the experience of the visitor.

Do Not Spam

​​​​​​​Use your email wisely and do not send out any that does not have relevant information. That is because your clients will not like getting random emails that are of little value. At the same time, their spam filters will throw out such emails. Note that email marketing is a powerful technique that you can use to connect with your clients, and this is the reason that you should learn more about it.

Be Part of the Website

Connect with the customers as much as possible. You should be ready to answer all their questions. Everyone is important, and the reviews and comment that are left by clients can build or harm your business. Thus, it is best to be responsive, try to be as polite as possible, and learn how to deal with critics. Any negative information you get should not put you down but rather challenge you to improve your product, service, outreach, or customer relations.

In today’s economy, it is hardly possible for any firm to function without a marketing plan. Companies need to have a way to retain customers and attract new ones by doing their marketing right. As a way of being competitive, firms need to deploy technologies that will make it easy for clients to interact and do business with them, and this is all that online marketing aims to achieve.​​​​​​​

10 Tips to Consider while Promoting your Startup business by Helen Cartwright.  Available from <https://www.martechadvisor.com/articles/performance-attribution/10-tips-to-consider-while-promoting-your-startup-business/> [July 31, 2017]