WHY FACEBOOK IS A GREAT AVENUE TO INCREASE AUDIENCE REACH Posted By: Mark Olson.  Available from <http://imsoup.com/13886/why-facebook-is-a-great-avenue-to-increase-audience-reach/> [

Facebook has proven itself to be one of the best social media platforms in terms of connecting with family, friends, and even in gaining new contacts for one’s business. Ten years of groundbreaking innovations have made Facebook a force to reckon within the internet marketing industry.

With great success also comes the gut-wrenching pains. Due to the resounding success of using Facebook for social media marketing, business owners drove in flocks trying to take advantage of Facebook’s advertising schemes and gain a foothold in the internet marketing industry. In recent years, internet marketing dreams were easily achieved through Facebook. With everyone building up campaigns on Facebook, the platform is now an arena for marketers to strut their stuff. The arena is now very competitive—thus the increase in costs.

Facebook is now at its peak in terms of social media marketing power. With billions of dollars’ worth of experimentations, it now seems most marketers have seen the ups and downs of utilizing social media for their marketing campaigns.

Increasing one’s audience reach is one of the common goals of marketers on Facebook. Increasing the audience size increases the chances of your content getting shared. Increased sharing conversely increases widens your audience reached and increases the chances of conversions.

An article on Search Engine Journal shares 7 ways to increase reach on Facebook:

Here are some of the major points from the article:

• Engage your audience with good images
• Regularly use automatic bidding
• Automatic target placement increases your chance of success
• Avoid overlapping your ads
• Avoid frequently changing your campaigns
• Achieve your goals through reach campaigns
• Using Lifetime Budget helps

With these tips, it would be much easier for marketers to focus on their campaign goals and reach out to the neglected audience on Facebook. Facebook is a very accessible tool and very easy to use. Every business owner should take advantage of this great social media platform.

WHY FACEBOOK IS A GREAT AVENUE TO INCREASE AUDIENCE REACH Posted By: Mark Olson.  Available from <http://imsoup.com/13886/why-facebook-is-a-great-avenue-to-increase-audience-reach/> [