8 Must-Follow Tips to Create a Killer Business Website

8 Must-Follow Tips to Create a Killer Business Website by Christopher Jan-Benitez.  Available from <http://www.business2community.com/web-design/8-must-follow-tips-create-killer-business-website-01923079#ZopK5Dq1h3Bmszro.97> [September 25, 2017]

Many soon-to-be website owners know that building a better site is hard work. The internet is a highly competitive industry so having an edge is what one must have to lead to more traffic and better user experience. To help you create a killer business website, follow these tips below:

1. Develop a Strategy

Building a website without a plan is like constructing a house without blueprints. As many other business plans require, creating business websites can be as challenging. A business website may be defined as a personal portfolio, a niche blog, or an e-commerce site. But before the creation of your site, determine what kind of website you are going to build and who are going to be your target market. In line with this, develop a strategy while visualizing how your site is going to be in the long run.

2. Pick the Best Hosting Service

There are plenty of hosting provider options. However, some can fail unexpectedly. This is what every site owners fear the most because the moment your hosting fails you, can be a reason for a massive traffic decline.

Before creating your site, choosing an efficient hosting service is the second thing you need to think through carefully. Look for those that have already developed their reputation in their industry.

3. Build an Impactful Homepage

Homepages are where most of your traffic goes to so creating one that’s different among millions of other sites is a must for every site owners. After all, even though these visitors leave your site, you want to remain memorable to them.

To summarize, these are these are what your home page’s purpose should be:

  • Attract and keep them on your site
  • Educate your visitors with valuable information
  • Encourage them to visit other pages on your site

4. Create Epic Content

An epic piece of content is something that your viewers will get value from. Meaning, it should be designed to inform, educate, entertain, or help them in any way possible. Avoid creating content that is pure sales talk; this is how you will lose your visitors. Now, why should you create an epic content anyway?

  • It generates leads and sales
  • It Increases traffic
  • It is great for SEO

5. Easy Navigation within the Site

If you’re making it hard for your visitors to navigate your site, then you’ve designed your website poorly. Be organized and create the architecture of your site in a way that your visitors don’t find it hard to go to another page that’s also on your blog.

Here’s a basic setup of what your website’s navigation should be:

  • Go to different levels of topics
  • Access the pages within the same section
  • Quickly return to the homepage

6. Beautiful Design

Striking images and responsive website theme creates a legitimacy of your site. It also results in lower bounce rate and higher conversion.

Consider these in customizing your website:

  • Typography
  • Genuine Images
  • Call to Action Buttons
  • Overall Color Scheme

Above all of these, remember to remove distractions that are making it hard for your visitors to convert. One example is to avoid using music that annoys them and hinders their activity within your site.

7. Market Your Blog Online

Okay, now that you have your website ready, it’s still not the end of the game. Even though you have the most beautiful and well-designed website, it’s still nothing if you’re the only person who knows about it. What you want to be is become the number one resource people go to when they look for a particular topic that you have. To do this, you must create epic content which we already mentioned above, build your online presence on social media, and optimize your blog for better search engine ranking.

8. Install Effective Security

Security breaches and hacking happens all the time. Without a reliable security feature, you’re an easy target for these attackers. If your website platform is WordPress, test and compare which of the best security tools you must use. Keep in mind that a security tool is not just an add-on, it’s a must to install one and keep to it that it’s always updated.


Having a powerful website is the first step for your business to reach more people and succeed. But, one must always see to it that the website built should be performing well. Don’t try to please everyone with your business website, instead, focus only on what your target market wants. Having this mindset can gain you an edge and eat the traffic of your competitors. Lastly, be prepared for months of work before you see the results you are aiming for.

8 Must-Follow Tips to Create a Killer Business Website by Christopher Jan-Benitez.  Available from <http://www.business2community.com/web-design/8-must-follow-tips-create-killer-business-website-01923079#ZopK5Dq1h3Bmszro.97> [September 25, 2017]