Top 4 Application Development Resources You Can’t Miss Out On

Top 4 Application Development Resources You Can’t Miss Out On by .  Available from <> [Dec 27, 2016] Photo credit: startup ideas via

The development of applications has several stages, and each stage is important for successful development of an app. When creating an application it is essential to have a good understanding of the process, methodology, tools, and available resources; being aware of the tools and resources available is a key to developing a good and efficient app, and understanding how apps are built.

There are several platforms, such as the waves platform that can help in understanding the resources, and using them to your benefit. There are also guides available for android and iOS app development.

These guides provide details about designing and distribution of the apps, and are able to provide all the fundamentals, including the intents, filters, compatibility of a device, activities, interfaces, and resources.

Here are some of the resources that can help you a lot in app development.

1. Stackoverflow

Stackoverflow is a site that is able to provide answers to all the questions you might have about the development of apps. With the help of this website, you can get help from professionals. The best thing about this platform is that you can get expert perspectives and opinions of your problem, as most of the questions are answered by experts and professionals. You can always review all the answers and implement the best options available to you.

Stackoverflow has a library with detailed answers about different stages of programming and application development.

2. Android Developer’s Blog

If you are developing an app for android devices, then this blog is an excellent resource at your disposal. The content of the blog is written by the employees of Google and is full of useful content.

There is a mixture of technical topics and informational content on this blog, and it is an excellent way of learning about any new developments that are being introduced in operating systems; it shows the developers’ ways of incorporating new features in app development. It also provides inspiration by sharing success stories, as well as providing a lot of information about analytics, new courses, event listings, and more.

3. iOS Dev Weekly

iOS Dev Weekly is an excellent resource for iOS developers. It is another effective resource, as it is a blog that provides all the latest updates about the industry.

You can gain knowledge about every latest development in Apple and operating systems through the blog. New content for this blog is published every Friday, which makes it easy to follow all the new content and take advantage of all the new information.

This blog allows developers to search through the latest tools, marketing, code designing, news articles, and videos. It also helps developers in finding job opportunities, as it lists any available positions that are iOS related.

4. Tuts+

Tuts+ is a website that is full of practical tutorials. There is an extensive range of both written and video tutorials; if you want tutorials about photography, design, illustration, web design, craft, game development, etc., then you will be able to find useful tutorials on this site.

All the tutorials are free, and are extremely useful in learning and polishing creative skills; and, they don’t just include step by step instructions, but also display screenshots to make things easier to understand. It also offers the latest news about the new trends in application development in the code section.

These are some of the resources that are very handy in the development of applications. They offer a better understanding of app development, and make the task easier to accomplish. Any newbie in app development can easily learn and use these app development frameworks to get a good understanding of them, and maybe even become a top developer.

Top 4 Application Development Resources You Can’t Miss Out On by .  Available from <> [Dec 27, 2016] Photo credit: startup ideas via