Top 3 tips to a better email strategy

Top 3 tips to a better email strategy by Kristina Knight.  Available from <> [May 30, 2017]

There are a wealth of tools to help brands create strong messaging, and send bulk messages in a timely manner. But, without the right strategy behind those messages, it won’t matter. Here are three tips to create a better emails strategy.

First, keep timing top of mind

“Tracking and analyzing day-of-the-week email performance and conversion patterns can help combat declining email engagement. According to The New Age of Email Marketing benchmark report, brands can increase the ROI of their email marketing efforts by deploying their campaigns on the right day of the week,” said Michael Fisher, President, Yes Lifecycle Marketing. “For example, in Q1 2017, Friday garnered the highest open, click, and click-to-open rates, while Saturdays generated the highest conversion rates. Marketers can then maximize both customer engagement and revenue if they send their best-performing campaigns on weekends, specifically on Fridays and Saturdays. While there certainly isn’t one magic time to send emails, analyzing the timing of past successful campaigns can boost campaign performance.”

Second, experiment with triggers

“Triggered campaigns are appropriate for almost any type of email marketing program and can be very rewarding for marketers because they are timely, relevant, informed and actionable. As a result, they perform considerably better than business-as-usual (BAU) emails – they generate almost double the open rate, 5 times the click rate and almost triple the click-to-open rate of business-as-usual campaigns,” said Fisher.

Third, consider the context

“As long as email campaigns remain relevant to their audiences, marketers should feel free to be creative with them. Email content shouldn’t be dry, formulaic or exclusively discount-oriented in order to engage consumers,” said Fisher. “One way to change things up is by considering context. If a consumer has recently bought a pair of running shoes, offering up a stylized guide on training for a 5K or a half-marathon will make the message feel more relevant and personalized and the brand appear more informed and connected to the customer.”

Top 3 tips to a better email strategy by Kristina Knight.  Available from <> [May 30, 2017]