Tips For Choosing The Best Domain Name

Tips For Choosing The Best Domain Name by Jenna Cyprus.  Available from <> [March 07, 2017]

Deciding upon a domain name is a very critical moment for any developing web presence.  The choice requires much thought and consideration of a few basic guidelines.  A domain name is an entity’s identification card on the internet.  It is just as important as a company’s name.

Once a domain name is established, it is very difficult to channel a company’s viewership elsewhere.  It is not good practice to change domain addresses as it stirs up too much confusion.  It is bad for business.

So, what are the most important aspects to consider when formulating a new domain name?  Check out what we deem to be the top tips for choosing the best, most effective, domain name.

Keep it short and sweet

It is extremely beneficial when choosing a domain name that it is kept short and concise.  Make it easy to spell.  If there is a way to mess up the spelling of a domain, people will do it.

It is much easier to commit a web address to memory when it is short and simple.  For example, is a very simple and easily understood web address that is likely to be remembered. is not such a great display of simplicity.

Use keywords strategically

Utilize basic keywords about the basis of the site when choosing a domain name.  If the website is going to be marketing travel pillows, it would be wise to work the word pillow into some part of the address.

Integrating keywords into the domain also helps boost rankings on the major search engines.  Bots like to see that the information on the site has everything to do with the domain name.  It shows reliability as a web page.

Avoid hyphens and numbers

Using hyphens and numbers in a domain name is just an unnatural practice.  It does not look very good, and it does not make the address very easy to type.  Hyphens and number just add unnecessary complexity to the domain.  There is no need for extra symbols and numbers in an URL.

Use appropriate URL extensions

There should always be a bias towards dot-coms.  They are the most common extension used by the public, and dot-coms are easy to remember.  There are certain situations where a dot-com extension may not be the most desirable ending for a domain name.

.edu: educational uses, schools, etc. For example, Maryville online college website domain.

.co: useful for a company, commerce, and community site.  For example,

.info: informational web pages.  For example, a site offering info about Magic Cards.

.net: technical sites dealing with internet infrastructure.  For example, look here.

Tips For Choosing The Best Domain Name by Jenna Cyprus.  Available from <> [March 07, 2017]