Three benefits powering the cloud hype

Three benefits powering the cloud hype by Alec Rojas.  Available from <> [June 13, 2017]

Cloud computing’s roots go back to the start of the computer age, when the shared access mainframes of the 70s and 80s laid its foundation. Less than a decade later, virtual machines (VMs) and virtual private servers (VPS) created new efficiencies in sharing hardware resources. Powered by a single piece of hardware, not only was it expensive to maintain the infrastructure but any outage or malfunction also spelled disaster for sites or apps.

But what exactly is fueling the current cloud hype and, critically, why now?

Multiple Servers, Fewer Problems

Where previous iterations required all of the various software components to live in one physical space, the modern cloud distributes software pieces across multiple services that are optimized for their specific use. This has a twofold effect: Not only does it improves the overall performance of your cloud setup, but it also creates redundancies that significantly improve an organization’s agility and the uptime of digital assets.

Instant Updates

The cloud can receive software updates instantly, providing a near instant modernization of any existing infrastructure. This allows enterprises to realize cutting-edge scalability, connectivity, cost savings, and security benefits. By being able to update resources or software instantly, it can mean the difference between dreading spikes in web traffic and welcoming them. It provides the peace of mind that sites and apps will not be outdated and thus fall victim to security breaches or brought down under the weight of a DDos attack.

Resourceful Pricing

Hosting high-traffic sites and apps on today’s cloud allows enterprises to only pay for what they use. Rather than getting bogged down by significant upfront costs for possibly unused hardware and infrastructure, current cloud models utilize a pay-as-you-go structure. Enterprises can provision additional capabilities as needed, making it easy to accommodate for a campaign launch or a special event like an online sale. When that has ended, it’s simple to scale back during periods of regular traffic to cut costs and save resources.

Advances in technology have finally made the overall speed, security, and reliability of cloud computing meet the needs of modern organizations on the internet. Now, users can unlock the cloud’s unique advantages without sacrificing performance or putting unnecessary pressure on their IT budgets. Learn more here.

Three benefits powering the cloud hype by Alec Rojas.  Available from <> [June 13, 2017]