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Presentation is an aspect that defines the customization of your website content, which in my opinion should never be driven and dictated by technology itself. I have seen users discussing their atrocious experience concerning the inflexible presentation that the CMS offered. The main reason behind such mishap is that certain CMS developers adopt improper methodology to create systems that produce abhorrent codes. Such mistakes and improper practices affect accessibility and flexibility of the way in which the CMS presents and retrieves the content.

Increased User Interaction

User interaction or feedback is considered to be one of the major stepping stones towards success and also one of the major paradigm that supports constant improvement. This is why one should make sure that his CMS offers such functionality or support the plug-ins that offer such functionality. Some of the major functionality required for hosting public interaction include forums, ratings and comment section. You will have to make sure you CMS supports all of these! Besides that, you will also have to think about the tools offered by the CMS that will help you in communicating with customers. These would also include managing user accounts on the website, reset passwords and also managing user information.

Multi-Tasking & Multilingual System

Evolution is an ongoing anomaly and also a process that can never be predicted, which is why having a CMS that can manage more than one website at the same time is just what you need. Flexibility is always an added advantage, especially if you wish to target a much wider audience. Similarly, Internet is a global phenomenon in which you may be targeting a domestic region at times, which is why you need a CMS that supports the respective language specific product. Of course, society is not a single concept but a multicultural host, which is why multilingual feature will offer you a thick edge over others. Check toronto web design for more tips.


The above-mentioned features will prove to be a great support in your decision making however, you should also take into account important issues like Support, licensing, training, security etc. Moreover, like I mentioned before future is something highly unpredictable and unaccountable, which is why you should consider you business mission and vision before going for a particular open source CMS.


New Web Design Trends posted by Miami on.  Available from <