How To Increase Leads Through Content Marketing

How To Increase Leads Through Content Marketing by Swati Bhargava.  Available from <> [Last updated: April 28, 2017 at 11:42 am]

Most business owners find it difficult to look for groundbreaking ideas when it comes to lead generation. In today’s business environment, ‘Quality & Unique Content’ is in demand more than ever. In my experience, content marketing, if done right, can easily become one of the biggest driving forces for a business.

While an effective content marketing strategy is optimum for maintaining efficiency, there will always be challenges. But, these can be overcome keeping in mind a few simple tips.

Conduct Market Research

Market research helps in staying up to date with the latest market trends and conducting thorough competitor analysis. Thus, when it comes to reviewing an existing plan, always map the latest market trends and consumer expectations. This helps marketers make smarter decisions.

Create High Converting Landing Pages

Landing pages alone can help you capture more potential leads. Marketers like to target high engagement rate and reduced exits. For this, optimise the primary landing pages of your website and entice your readers to convert into leads through a strong call to action.

Write Relevant Content

Relevant content is not just something your consumer relates to. The content needs to be unique, precise and keyword rich. The key here is to give your consumers enough impetus to convert through your content, for which you need to have regular quality checks in place.

Know How to Promote and Distribute Content

Complimentary to creating relevant content, you need to have a promotion strategy in place. Apart from proactive distribution on mainstream channels like Facebook and Twitter, identify other communities where you can engage to bring new leads on board.

Don’t Be Afraid To Give Out Information For Free

Giving out valuable information will always work in your favour, but don’t be afraid to do it for free. This is the trick to get new consumers on board and make them trust you. Prospective consumers are already looking for information and this is a great way to redirect them to your business.

Diversify Your Marketing Strategy

Putting all your eggs in one basket doesn’t always work out when it comes to content marketing. Thus, a combination of options can prove to be a more effective way of channelizing leads. Employing email, SEO, pay-per-click, social media, e-books, webinars can help you get that additional push in your efforts.

Don’t Underestimate Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a great consumer retention source. Sending follow-up emails, newsletters offers throughout the week will enable a business to stay at the back of the mind of any consumer. Not just engagement but retention should also be on the list of priorities for any business.

Run a Marketing Campaign

An effective marketing campaign helps sell a business in the outside world. But it cannot be something that is conjured out of thin air. A marketing campaign needs considerable time and planning to figure out which ideas will sell. This process should involve deciding the best media channels to propagate the campaign and the content should then be worded accordingly.

Track Lead Generation Metric

Marketers that are already employing content marketing strategy to further boost lead generation should track their progress through mapping lead generation metric. This involves identifying the number of leads that are being generated, cost per lead that is incurred and calculating the ROI on these leads. This helps in formulating future recourse.

Document Your Strategy

Above all, a business should keep track of its original goals for content marketing, otherwise, it can severely challenge the effectiveness of all efforts put in thus far. Thus, documenting marketing strategy and referring to it from time to time, to keep in sight of the original target, will help a business achieve greater efficiency in execution.

All in all, to add another value point here, no two people, strategies or business are the same. Different ways can work for different sectors, but adding creativity and authenticity to your approach can take your business a long way

How To Increase Leads Through Content Marketing by Swati Bhargava.  Available from <> [Last updated: April 28, 2017 at 11:42 am]