How To Create Your Business Website and Beat Google

How To Create Your Business Website and Beat Google by Anna Knorik.  Available from <> [ ]

Setting up a website for your business may seem like an impossible task for many. However, with some guidance, it is doable without much frustration. Web development for startups may require some research and knowledge but there is nothing you cannot master. I remember being overwhelmed when the idea of creating a website for my business came up. Here are my tips to help you set up a successful and informative business website. Read more.

Creating a website

So you have come to the realization that your business needs to join the online world. These days there are many tools to help you create a website. The simplified version of creating a website goes like this:

  • Choose a domain name
  • Find hosting
  • Create a theme for your website
  • Content

This is the outline but there is more to creating a website than simply getting to the blank page. After you setup the actual page, there are a few important things you have to do in order for your website to be visited by potential clients.

Get your website listed

Creating a website is one thing. Having your website land in a Google search does not simply happen by one click of a button. You have to list your website on the Google directory by submitting your web address to Google. The submission form is free of charge but it is important to note that this is a requirement to get your business reached via Google.

Link your website

There are some websites that Google already crawls. Link your new website to one of the crawled sites. The next time Google crawl these sites your website is automatically added to the index. It is an easy way to get your website indexed.


Every website needs informative content. Even if you are selling a product, it is still important to provide your visitors with good content. You can use this as an opportunity to be found in the searches. Carefully select the keywords for your site and pay attention to your SEO settings. You can use Google’s keyword planner to help you find ideas for keywords relevant to your website.

Meta descriptions

A Meta description is used to give your visitors a quick overview of what to expect on your website. This is the hook you use to have clients click on your website on the Google search engine. Your meta tag will appear just under your article headline in Google. It can also be described as a short summary of what the article has to offer. Based on your headline and Meta description, the potential visitor will decide if your article is worth clicking on.

These are a few tips you can use which will make the world’s difference in your site gaining more visitors. You want to use it as a foundation to build relationships with your clients. Make sure you provide your visitors with good content. You also want to make the experience worthwhile and be remembered by all who came across it. Read about cool tools for building a website.

How To Create Your Business Website and Beat Google by Anna Knorik.  Available from <> [ ]