CHILD SAFETY ON THE INTERNET : 4 ESSENTIAL TIPS by magictr.  Available from <> [September 07, 2017] Photo: Article Source

The Internet has nothing more of a novelty, not only for us, especially for our children who are born with ! Yet, most young people remain still and always the targets of all sorts of threats. How to prevent white hair and let it surf the the spirit light ?

Communicate the rules to remember

Gone are the days where the child had to use the family computer sitting in the living room to go on the web ! The equipment of households in screens is soaring and more young people are also concerned. For example, 62 %* of the families were equipped with a tablet in 2015, and 29 %* 7 to 12 years of age owned their own equipment…

Before 10 years, it is not wise to leave a child to surf freely. It is only from this age that the young person will be able to hear a discourse of prevention and to remember the basic rules :

  • we do not disclose his real name, his address, his password and/or his / her photo on the internet : the identity theft and fraudulent use of account (social networks, e-mail, etc) is a real danger. The younger ones give them confidence, without imagining the following…
  • it always reads the contents of a screen before clicking on anything : no purchase online without parental permission ! Malignant, some of the designers of the games or app to include screens in which the engaging content has all the air of a pub : be careful not to accept a payment, thinking of just closing the screen…
  • we don’t accept new contacts unknown to : or by e-mail, nor on the networks and other social applications. Predators and stalkers to watch !
  • they show themselves to be respectful of others : insults and other antisocial behaviour online, just as written, still… It is difficult to erase his past digital. These inappropriate behaviours may emerge later.
  • it complies with the law : fraudulent use of personal information, illegal downloading… These acts are not harmless, even if they are committed under a pseudonym. Your child must understand that his responsibility is engaged.

Frame for safety

Children are, therefore, a majority to have their own screen : tablet, smartphone, console or computer. In these conditions, it is not easy to regulate their consumption ! We talk a lot of aspect addicting games, but younger people are also addicted to social networks, even if most of them are not allowed under 13 years of age.

The hyper-connection leads to new problems : game addiction, time spent online to the detriment of the sport or school work, harassment via social networks… If it is possible to control the first two, by establishing a strict schedule of connection times allowed, the danger of cyberstalking , however, is more difficult to work around. Have the eye (discrete…) on the dating online of your child. He becomes withdrawn, seems depressed, has difficulty getting to school, in college, in high school ? It may be a good time to talk about it with him.

  • The association e-Enfance can also help you.

Monitor the use of the web made by the child

You can never know everything about the digital life of your child. To win in peace without the ” police “, install it on the devices a software of parental control. Essential to let your child surf safely !

Before you begin in search of the ideal solution, be aware that many references, free or paid, are available on the market ; for do not deceive you, here are the 4 basic functions that it must provide you with :

  • the white list : for the youngest (under 10 years), it allows the user to navigate only on websites that you have selected in function of their centers of interest. Impossible for him to get out of this secure environment !
  • the black list : reserved for the largest, it gives them the opportunity to surf almost freely, with the exception of the major themes that you have filtered : violence, pornography,…
  • timer : after a certain time of navigation on the internet, the access is blocked. Ideal to limit the total daily time spent in front of the screen !
  • the outright blocking of any site is illegal : download, drug, weapons…
  • See our selection of the best parental control software

One remains zen : the internet is not only a species of lions den where your children are going to be devoured any raw ! It is especially a great window on the world that it would be a shame to deprive them. Countless sites, platforms, software and search engines have even been designed directly for them : to use without moderation !

Search engines for children

Qwant Junior

Declension version 6-13 years of the French search engine, Qwantjunior incorporates a black list constantly updated of sites to avoid : pornography, violence, but also e-commerce ! has received the support of the National Education.

CHILD SAFETY ON THE INTERNET : 4 ESSENTIAL TIPS by magictr.  Available from <> [September 07, 2017] Photo: Article Source