5 Solutions for Building Your Own Website

5 Solutions for Building Your Own Website by Chris Pentago.  Available from <https://tech.co/5-solutions-building-website-2017-2017-10> [Oct 31, 2017] Photo:  Article Source

Whether you are wanting to gain knowledge about website building ideas for personal use or in pursuit of designing websites for others, you may be wondering where to start. If so, this article may be of some help to you.

Even if you are totally green to the whole website building thing, that’s perfectly normal and fine. It wasn’t long ago that building a website involved totally alien languages called codes. Only “geeks” new these coded languages. Even with the proliferation of easy to use plugins and apps, website building is still a mystery to many. You’d be surprised how many people I meet that still don’t know they can build their own website using DIY sites.

Whatever the mistaken views about website design and building, the old methods of doing so are long gone. Today, even a knowledgeable 10-year-old child could build a website in a day. Thus, you no longer need to know the code in order to build a website. Here are some solutions for building your own website.

Some Things Should Be Left to the Experts

Even for those who have “mastered” one set of skills in the world of website design, there are not very many people who can master it all. From programmers to icon designers around the globe, everyone has different skill sets of varying levels. Becoming a great programmer in itself is truly a gift that no one should underscore.

Furthermore, for those who are niche-focused, seeking help from external sources should never be out of the question. You can speed up the website development process tenfold and obtain insight and unique experiences working with a team.

Some examples of the best PSD to HTML services out there are PSD2HTML and XCHOP. Of course, there are hundreds of these services to choose from. Feel free to Google “PSD to HTML services” in order to find more.

Even for those seasoned coders, the whole process of sitting down and coding a Photoshop document into HTML/CSS can be quite irritating and time-consuming. These services listed above offer their services 24 hours a day, seven days a week and offer discounts and packages most find affordable.

Consider Using Freelancers

One of the greatest things to come about from the internet is the ability to work for yourself as a freelancer. Most of the blogs and articles you read were created by freelancers. The websites you visit to read those article may have had some freelance work involved.

Furthermore, the internet has brought forth an ease of communication never seen before since the dawn of man. This means that many freelancers work hand-in-hand to complete projects. A programmer from America may work alongside a programmer in Japan or China.

Today, thousands of freelance communities make it so easy for designers and developers to connect. Becoming a member of a great freelancing community allows both to share their ideas and work together on a project. Often times, hiring a freelancer fresh out of college who is hungry to get themselves established will offer very good yet affordable work.

If you don’t know where to start looking for your freelancer, try these sites. Nevertheless, in my experience, it is better to use these sites and then find a way to contact the freelancers directly and build a one-on-one business relationship with them. And though freelancing sites frown upon it, it can be done if you’re savvy enough.

Take Advantage of Open Source Software

One of the best innovations that are disrupting the web development community today is the availability of open source software. Existing libraries are constantly being added to by developers in order to improve them. Some of the most well known and respected of such would be jQuery and MooTools that offer JavaScript libraries. They have great tutorials and an even better reputation.

JavaScript isn’t the only open protocol being worked on, though. There are open source libraries such as GitHub that have thousands of developers sharing and contributing in languages such as PHP, CSS, SQL, ASP, Objective-C, and much more.

One blogging platform that has grown historically over the years and has become the epitome of open source project is WordPress. Developed by Matt Mullenweg in 2003, WordPress hosts millions of sites and hosts thousands of developers working on their backend. Their entire package is free to download and pretty simple to install. For developers interested in building WP themes and plugins, WordPress offers links and tutorials.

WordPress also offers an amazing amount of free plugins for all of its users to enjoy.

Don’t Worry About Designing Your Own Icons

When looking at the animation and graphic design aspect of website development, you will still find a large open source and share community. Web designers actually enjoy sharing their artwork with the world and use open source as a way to promote their ideas.

Good graphic designers are difficult to come by. This makes graphics the most complicated aspect of creating your website. If you don’t have a problem applying retribution links or crediting a designer for their work, you can use free icon sites such as FamFamFam, Fugue or Woofunction.

Icon Finder is another great source for the most popular icon sets. It behaves much like a search engine and helps you find free shared icons that make building your website even quicker.

Never Stop Your Research and Always Study

One of the keys to becoming successful at designing websites, whether it be for your own business or for others, is constant research and study. If you truly have an ardent passion for website design, you should find material that keeps you motivated towards your goals. Visit sites that cover tips to create your website, join web development communities and purchase books about web design. It is vital to stay on top of the trends.

This list is bar far complete, but hopefully, it gives you an idea and a place to start. Web design affords you the freedom to control your own business – gives you the power to create a business you can do from anywhere, at any time.

5 Solutions for Building Your Own Website by Chris Pentago.  Available from <https://tech.co/5-solutions-building-website-2017-2017-10> [Oct 31, 2017] Photo:  Article Source