5 E-COMMERCE EMAIL MARKETING TACTICS TO ENTICE ENGAGEMENT by Tracey Jones.  Available from <http://www.browsermedia.co.uk/2017/08/17/5-e-commerce-email-marketing-tactics/>  Photo: flickr.com/Yoel Ben-Avraham

If your e-commerce business is not generating the conversion rate and ROI you expected, then perhaps it’s time to revive your strategies? The way you promote your online store among your target audience should be prioritised on the basis of their interests, purchasing behaviours, and the changing marketing trends.

This is where email marketing can come into play.

As one of the most effective online marketing platforms to boost the revenues of e-commerce websites and take them to the next level, email marketing helps to increase conversions, but it’s vital to have a strong strategy in place.

In this post, we discuss 5 email marketing tactics to entice engagement from online customers and encourage them to make buying decisions.

1. Personalise emails

Giving potential customers a personalised experience with content relevant to their interests whenever they open your emails and newsletters enables you to trigger response and encourage visits to your online store.

Though email personalisation is not new to e-commerce, many businesses find difficulties in executing such strategies as they probably don’t realise that the personalisation process has become super easy with the help of a few new tactics and technologies.

Through simply tracking the browsing history of customers to discover their engagements you are able to send them personalised emails. You can segment your audience based on their age, gender, buying behaviour, size, and other key aspects to create personalised content with ease.

2. Add a clear call to action

Emails are one of the most influential ways to convince web visitors to come and visit a web store. In addition to an inviting subheading, compelling content, and beautiful images, make sure you embed a visible and an eye-catching CTA button to entice subscribers to visit your store. Ideally, add the CTA above the fold as this will boost its accessibility.

3. Use abandoned cart emails

Customers abandoning their shopping carts without making any purchases is an issue for e-commerce owners. Whatever the reason that prevented the customer from proceeding with the sale, you can work to overcome it, through sending abandoned cart emails to those who left your site without completing the checkout process.

The good news is that abandoned cart emails can recover a good portion of these losses and increase the conversion rate of an online store. It is a great way to remind customers about their incomplete purchases with your store and encourage them to complete their buying journey.

Tip: why not offer customers a discounted rate for the same product they left in their shopping cart to entice them to return?

4. Give away something for free

It’s important to build a loyal relationship with your customers. To help do this, you could consider giving away something for free, such as a subscription to e-books, tips on relevant topics, exclusive promotion codes, and discount coupons for those who have made a recent purchase from your online store.

Since people love rewards, this can encourage them to become a more regular customer, building a long-term relationship with the people who visit your web store on a regular basis for buying purposes.

5. Offer discounts and promotions

Emails are ideal for telling subscribers if you are running discounts and promotions of their favourite items. Send them emails promoting special sales and promotions with short deadlines, to create curiosity and a sense of urgency, which in turn, should boost click-through and conversion rates.

Improve customer experiences

These email marketing tips can help to boost the sales of your e-commerce business in an effective and efficient manner, so you can focus on giving rich shopping experience to your customers. What other strategies have you tried and tested?

5 E-COMMERCE EMAIL MARKETING TACTICS TO ENTICE ENGAGEMENT by Tracey Jones.  Available from <http://www.browsermedia.co.uk/2017/08/17/5-e-commerce-email-marketing-tactics/>  Photo: flickr.com/Yoel Ben-Avraham