4 Trends in Website Design That Small Businesses Need to Know

4 Trends in Website Design That Small Businesses Need to Know by Manchun Kumar Pandit.  Available from <http://www.promotionworld.com/articles/internet/webdesign/170221-4-trends-in-website-design-that-small-businesses-need-to-know> [February 21, 2017]

In the competitive information technology world, there are many small businesses or start-ups have been trying to establish their identity in the industry. But, it is a hard nut to crack for them, as most of the customers trust on brands and reputed ones for their websites’ promotion, development, designing and other technical services. However, the small I.T. businesses need to make effort to convince the clients and should have to deliver quality rich services under the budget. Usually, the small businesses are well-focused on small level projects and try to deliver optimum results for client’s web development or web designing projects on time.

Nowadays, there is a huge demand seen for quality web designing services, as most of the businesses are going online and trying to expand their venture across the world. For this, they need a well designed business website that should include eye-catching designs, good color combination, useful interfaces, and should be made technically sound. All these elements should be kept in mind while designing a business website by the web designers. For small IT businesses, it is much important that they deliver high-end website designing services to the clients.

1) Limited use of custom codes

For great success of a website to run online, it should be made technically sound first. A technically correct business website crawls easily over the web or at the Google search. For this, web developers and web designers use custom codes and hand written codes for developing interfaces of the website. Most of the web designers use custom codes for designing website. It enables them to design interfaces for the site easily and also saves time. But, it is advised to do less use of custom codes, as they sometimes not work properly or may create hassle in performance of the site. Instead, the designers should prefer hand written codes to develop customized design or interface for the website and make it technically perfect.

2) Make right use of videos and animations on the website

It is good to deploy videos and eye-catching animations on the business website to attract users online towards the website. Deploying large size videos and animations on the website may lower down the speed of it. However, the web designers and developers are suggested to shrink the size of videos and animations on the website and keep it in sync, but still look good and easy to view by customers online. By doing this, you can maintain the speed of the site along with its outlook for targeted audience.

3) Limit the size of images and photos

Likewise videos or animations, you should also check for the size of the images or photos deployed on the website. A site having heavy images in JPEG or GIF formats may take time to load. Also, the large size of images or photos can also create hassle in downloading or consume much time. Thus, the web designers or developers need to understand this fact and keep the size of images short on the website. But make sure, they still appear good and appealing to the viewers.

4) Make all interfaces on the website workable

Your business website should include workable interfaces like buttons, icons, images, links, check boxes, etc. All should be worked smoothly while selecting, removing, and editing anything on the website by the owner or by users. Try to remove non-functional interfaces on the website, as they might slow down the website’s performance over the web.

Thus, above are 4 prominent tips that should be taken care of wisely by every small business or website designing firms for designing business websites of their Ecommerce web development clients.

4 Trends in Website Design That Small Businesses Need to Know by Manchun Kumar Pandit.  Available from <http://www.promotionworld.com/articles/internet/webdesign/170221-4-trends-in-website-design-that-small-businesses-need-to-know> [February 21, 2017]